That was the moment when they knew why we would serve.   Jody L. Taualofai, RN, pointed to a patient's graph that clearly showed we were able to detect respiratory infections before symptoms.   To prove their discovery, Jody and John Beiswenger traveled together to China shortly after the SARS epidemic to set up pre-clinical trials of the technology.

◄ Actual graph in the discovery

Biosymtec Medical

The Biosymtec Medical story actually began here at a company managed by John, now Biosymtec Medical's current CTO. It was here they gained substantial background in monitoring and graphing the health of chronically ill people.   It is also where John received experience in monitoring the reproductive cycles of over 400 infertility patients, adding to his experience researching infertility with the University of Illinois College of Medicine and the Medical College of Wisconsin, years earlier.

This Graph developed for infertile couples became valuable to physicians remotely monitoring their patients for respiratory or non-respiratory infections and changes in their pulmonary function. These are the patients with COPD, asthma and CHF, now representing Biosymtec Medical's primary markets.

◄ Infertility patient's graph

To conveniently and quickly acquire the data for these graphs, a new product was conceived, the Biosymtec Monitor.   Biosymtec Monitors will include Bluetooth® components which permit the transmission of collected data to subscribing patients' smartphones and on to the Biosymtec System where the data can be stored, graphed, and made available to subscribing physicians within seconds anywhere in the world.

This will enhance patient/doctor relationships when remote monitoring is necessary or beneficial; another reason why we serve.

We believe Biosymtec Medical's products will save the lives of many patients and their caretakers. They will help to keep chronically ill patients out of the hospital, being treated instead by their physicians in their clinics.   We also believe Biosymtec Medical products will help those with COPD, Asthma, CHF and, yes, with Cystic Fibrosis live longer and healthy lives.   This too is Why We Serve.

The Biosymtec Medical Management Team

Clark M. Barousse
President and CEO

Clark Barousse is an executive and business leader with a record of substantial success in creating revenue and profit in startup and turnaround situations within emerging, and volatile US and international markets.   He has a solid understanding of the R&D process, taking products from concept to commercialization, and he leverages his global sales and marketing expertise, business acumen, and technical knowledge to identify untapped opportunities and bring new products to market which address unmet needs, generating industry leading growth, and strengthening competitive positions.   Clark builds high-performance, cohesive teams and develops individuals into leadership roles.   He has medical device background in general, plastic, thoracic, vascular, cardiac, GI, orthopedic, dental, and neurosurgery, within large and small organizations and start-ups.   Clark is also conversationally fluent in Spanish.

Christopher A. Altenburg
Sr. Director of Marketing

Chris Altenburg is an experienced marketing strategist, writer, and content developer, and he has served in leadership, marketing, and technology roles in the media and advertising industries.   His 30-plus career spans a diverse range of sectors including: government, manufacturing, healthcare, finance, and non-profit.   He leads Biosymtec Medical's digital marketing, data management, and marketing technology initiatives, and is responsible for implementing and analyzing online social and digital media activities.   He continues to serve as an advisor to the nonprofit Hyperbaric Medicine International. .

John L. Beiswenger
Co-Founder, Chair & CTO

John Beiswenger has 50+ years of product research, design engineering, product development, manufacturing, product management, general management, marketing and sales experience in high volume consumer and commercial hard goods.   This includes 20 years in health monitoring technology.   He has placed over 65 products into production, monitoring pilot production in the U.S., Ireland, France, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Mainland China.   Beiswenger is named on over 30 U.S. and foreign utility patents, the most recent including color LCD touch display technology, digital alarm clock electronics, fingerprint scanning technology, surgical instrument sterilization, bioterrorism detection, and predictive health monitoring technology.

Thomas W. French, Jr.

Tom French possesses a 30-year professional track record creating shareholder value start-ups and turn-arounds.   His holistic approach to improving business performance by seamlessly integrating market strategy with operations, sales, marketing and customer service while creating high-functioning teams establishes a platform for growth.   Tom led a marketing-driven, turn-around of the largest US cable company precipitating a $48B sale to AT&T.   He turned-around an innovative biotech company, secured EPA and FDA approval of technology, built a 20-item line of consumer and commercial products, achieved nation-wide distribution with #1 Pharmacy retailer and raised $4.5M to expand operations and enter new markets for this technology.

Mark J. Suseck
Consulting Marketing Officer

Mark Suseck has background in strategic analysis, planning, registration and launch in consumer and professional market segments, P&L responsibility from $0-500MM in start-up and established companies, defining product requirements, development roadmap and launch execution, experience in individual health measurement, monitoring, and management, Sales & Marketing planning, forecasting, targeting, implementation, and measures of effectiveness, digital and non-personal campaign development, execution, measurement and agency management, patient, physician, provider, payor, and policy maker focus in building strategy and go to market plans, licensing, acquisitions, fund raising, partnerships, and alliance management, financial and business analysis to develop insights leading to revenue/income performance and cross-functional collaboration in building high performing teams and culture.

Biosymtec Medical Resource Teams

Orlando J. Hernandez, Ph.D.

  A-WIT Technologies is a premier electronics design and development company that provides customers with a full set of services for their product development needs.   We bring expert knowledge in our field, thoughtful process execution, a high level of integrity, excellence, and strong work ethic to all the work we do.  Our services are enhanced by a strong network of partners in the areas of mechanical, industrial design, and manufacturing.

Colleen Moore
Design on Demand Lead

  DesignPoint provides the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states with complete solutions for product design, engineering, and manufacturing, with a qualified team of experienced professionals.   Colleen Moore is the "Design on Demand Lead" at DesignPoint.

Mark Gingalewski
Managing Partner

  SMT Manufacturing Group, LLC. produces high-quality electronic assemblies for both commercial and military markets with 25+ years of experience in the design and manufacture of electronic assemblies.   It is our mission to become the primary contract manufacturer of choice.   We are a small company that offers the best cost effective solution for outsourcing in today's market.   Whether military or commercial, we have the ability to handle your electrical/electronic design, assembly, and testind needs..

The Biosymtec Medical Advisory Board

James A. Wilson

Joseph E. Johnson Jr. III

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