Mom's the gatekeeper of the family's health!

This mom, Betty, knows her family's health is just fine because she used her smartphone this morning to confirm they are all "in the green" as shown on the image on the right, Betty's own reading.   After taking her oral temperature immediately upon waking, as did her husband, she did the same for her two children.   The temperature taken immediately upon waking is not the same as that taken during the day.

It's called BMT (Basal Metabolic Temperature).

Taking a child's temperature as soon as they wake up can fool you, if you don't use the Biosymtec Infection Monitor.   A 98.6 temperature sounds normal, but at the moment the child wakes up, it's far above normal and suggests an infection is developing.   That's true for Mom's BMT too.   The Biosymtec Infection Monitor's algorithm will analyze a BMT reading for you and suggest what to do, if an infection is developing.

It's better than just using a plain old thermometer.

The Biosymtec Infection Monitor is quick and easy to use, giving you an immediate analysis of BMT readings - no more wondering about your family's health.   If that boy of yours has asthma and the doctor gave him a peak-flow meter to use, you can enter that reading also on the Biosymtec Infection Monitor and it will correlate the peak-flow reading with his BMT using the special algorithm, so you can watch for a possible respiratory infection.

How was the algorithm discovered?

A registered nurse and a research engineer were looking at a patient's BMT and peak-flow graph when they noticed it was possible to detect respiratory infections before patients even experienced symptoms.   The research engineer deveoped the algorithm so you, mom, could easily determine the health of your family members.

The Biosymtec Infection Monitor algorithm is necessary to analyze BMT, because BMT contains predictive information about yours and your family's health.   BMT is tracking your metabolism upon waking, which should be very low, just enough to keep you breathing and your heart beating.   If your immune system detects an invading virus or bacterial infection, your waking metabolism goes up as does your BMT.   The harder your immune system is working, the higher your BMT.

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