The Next New Normal

Nurse Kimberly Johnson can report for duty this morning because her basal metabolism is in the green.   She used the Nuova Monitor this morning immediately upon waking (takes just 1 second).   A rise in basal metabolism is the only accurate way to determine early if a contagion has been acquired.   She used it again when she arrived at work, getting a good daytime reading and eliminating the need to take her forehead temperature upon arriving with a less-than-accurate IR thermometer.

To use the Biosymtec infection monitor, the dual probes are placed under the tongue straddling the frenulum.   The single button is pressed momentarily and the algorithmic analysis is immediately displayed on the front of the monitor along with the time and date.

The Infection Monitor algorithm was developed after the Anthrax biochemical attack in the U.S. and further refined during the SARS coronavirus epidemic in Asia. Pre-clinical trials using the algorithm were completed in Hong Kong (5 clinics), Tianjin China (Tianjin Haihe Hospital) and at a Pennsylvania church community. The results of all sites were analyzed and the accuracy of the algorithm was determined to be: Sensitivity 96.7% and Specificity 96.8%.   Contact us.

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If Kimberly's supervisor, or any supervisor of personnel, would like to know that a staff member will probably be calling in sick, having acquired an infection, they can automatically receive an email alert.

The final Design Phase is ready to begin, and if funding is achieved soon, devices could be available in time for the start of the Fall 2020 influenza/COVID-19 season.  Licensing or private-label manufacturing is available.   Contact Thomas W. French, President, Biosymtec Medical, Inc.