Milestones Completed - June 1, 2020

Technology including algorithm licensed Conceptual engineering layout completed
Mechanical Engineering Team identified
Electronics Engineering Team contracted
SBIR Grant Request submitted
Patent Application prepared

Now, what do we need to make this opportunity happen?

You can see the similarity between the Biosymtec Monitor and the Nuova Monitor. By design engineering the Biosymtec Monitor, 75% of the Nuova Monitor will have been designed. The conceptual engineering phase is already completed for the Biosymtec Monitor. The final design phase will result in a prototype. Once funded, we can have a prototype in just 14 weeks from launch. We are willing to share equity in the company.

If there is some part you can help us with, or you know who can, please contact me, Tom French.

Thomas W. French, Jr.
President and CEO

What makes the Biosymtec Medical opportunity especially valuable is the relationship between physician and patient, newly-enhanced by the Biosymtec Medical products and the biomedical graphing service.   This relationship pays an ongoing dividend to our company due to the patient and physician subscription program.   The physician's costs for reviewing the data the system sends them is a reimbursable activity by CMS.   In other words, physicians can actually make money monitoring their patients remotely on the Biosymtec System while providing better and more convenient care.

The subscription model will provide a recurring revenue stream paying high-margin dividends long after a device has been purchased.   Biosymtec Medical products will be available to the patient through their physician's practice or a retail outlet.
A Private Offering Memorandum is available.

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