Biosymtec Health Monitor

Used upon waking, this new medical device (Biosymtec Monitor™) will be able to noninvasively detect developing respiratory and non-respiratory infections up to two days before symptoms, permitting early medical intervention.

Biosymtec Health Monitor

Bluetooth® Mobile Feature

The Biosymtec Monitor will provide an immediate report to the user or caretaker and a 50-day graph of readings (Temperature, PEF% and SpO2) on mobile devices using a proprietary graph template.

Research Studies

Studies conducted in Hong Kong, Tianjin* and Pennsylvania produced very encouraging results, using Biosymtec Medical's proprietary algorithm.

Sensitivity 96.7%
Selectivity 96.8%

*Tianjin Haihe Hospital

Two-Lead EKG

The Biosymtec Monitor will also read other biometric data including HR and Two-lead EKG.   EKG readings will be compared by an algorithm to the separately acquired HR.

Biosymtec Medical
Research Team

The Research Team, seeking pre-symptomatic signs of infection, focused its efforts on the large COPD, asthma and CHF patient-population markets.

Joseph E. Johnson III, Biochemist
John Beiswenger, Design Engineer
James A. Wilson, MD

Pathway through Pilot Production

Biosymtec Medical and SMT Manufacturing Group will design, prototype and produce this new concept in medical devices through pilot production, suitable for clinical and/or market research studies, after which it will be handed off to an exclusive licensee.


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