Doctor, NP or Dept. Manager:

Biosymtec Medical, Inc. is offering the free Respiratory Infection Monitor application as a public service during this time period when we are all concerned about influenza and the COVID-19 coronavirus.   You can have your patients, healthcare workers or staff monitor themselves for infections, by asking them to use the Respiratory Infection Monitor daily on their smartphones.

The Respiratory Infection Monitor algorithm was developed after the Anthrax biochemical attack in the U.S. and further refined during the SARS coronavirus epidemic in Asia.   Pre-clinical trials using the algorithm were completed in Hong Kong (5 health clinics, a total of 118 patients enrolled), Tianjin China (Tianjin Haihe Hospital, 50 healthcare workers participated) and at a Pennsylvania church community (50 members were enrolled).   The results of all seven sites were analyzed and the accuracy of the algorithm was determined to be: Sensitivity 96.7% and Specificity 96.8%.

The proprietary algorithm detects the presence of infections days before signs and symptoms are apparent.

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