Biosymtec Medical Inc. is developing a new and unique product and system
for personal health monitoring, never before available.

Biosymtec technology correlates, with a proprietary algorithm, certain sublingual and pulmonary data acquired from an individual upon waking, and within seconds can identify the onset of an illness, usually days before signs, such as fever, are present.

Biosymtec Monitor and subscription platform captures patient data, shares it with patient physicians, enables prompt medical interventions, and facilitates billing for remote monitoring making the entire experience simple and beneficial to all parties.

" The key to preventing or mitigating an infectious disease epidemic is early detection, rapid response."

Dr. Lawrence C. Brilliant, Epidemiologist


Biosymtec Medical's
Target Markets

The Biosymtec Monitor, at the heart of the Biosymtec System, was created as a broad-base platform to monitor patients for many pre-symptomatic signs of respiratory and non-respiratory infections which will result in many models addressing even more markets.


The Markets also include:

Over 11 million women who are pregnant and who should monitor for infections which may affect them and their unborn children, and those women desiring to become pregnant, who must monitor their reproductive cycles to achieve pregnancy.   Biosymtec Medical also offers an algorithm which will help.

Another market will include governments concerned about pandemics and/or bioterrorism attacks.   The Biosymtec Initiative, "will provide an earlier warning than any system presently in place or planned," we were told by a government agency.   Millions of Biosymtec Monitors will be required.

The Biosymtec Monitor generates a 50-day graph of the patient's data on the user's smartphone.
The Biosymtec App automatically transfers the graph data to the Biosymtec System where it can be viewed by subscribing physicians.

Through Bluetooth® technology, data goes from the user's Biosymtec Monitor . . .

. . . up to the user's smartphone . . .

. . . and to their subscribing physician's computer.

Smartphone Apps and subscription revenues will exceed the sales of Biosymtec Monitors.

Pre-Clinical Trial Research Studies

Using discrete devices to acquire just two of the identified pre-symptomatic signs, i.e., basal metabolic temperature (BMT) and peak flow readings, three Research Studies were conducted. The data from these studies, plus the data from over 400 women who used the Biosymtec System to record their reproductive cycles, produced over 23,000 data points from which the Algorithm was developed.

Hong Kong Research Study Staff.
118 patients participated
Tianjin Haihe Hospital Staff.
50 healthcare workers participated
Timberline Community.
50 members participated

•   "An elevation in BMT is a near-universal and early signature of infection. It is a precursor to symptoms, thus leading infection symptoms and speeding intervention." The Cleveland Clinic

•   "Peak flow meter readings (PEF) fall before symptoms are otherwise noticed (providing early detection)."
The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology

Early Detection, allows for Rapid Response, producing Better Outcomes

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